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Kartpay is a Payment Gateway with over 100+ payment methods & the most competitive pricing in the industry. It is compliant with PCI-DSS and provides complete security for all transactions. It is now actively operational in India. You can start accepting payments with Kartpay in just 5 minutes!

Kartpay Payments is a company owned by Salasar eCommerce Total Solutions Pvt Ltd. We are a Multinational Company with an active presence in Singapore, Malaysia and India. Our company was founded in the year 2014 and has expanded into various markets with clients in around 40 countries.

We aim to empower every business digitally by giving them top-notch software products which are par-excellence in terms of quality and reliability. We strive to provide the best payment solutions to various eCommerce companies and retail users.

Why Kartpay?

Best Transaction Success Rate In The Industry
PCI-DSS Compliant
Start Receiving Payments Instantly
Faster Checkout
Easy To Integrate (API)
Minimum Number Of Clicks To Checkout
Unregistered Businesses Supported
Developer Friendly Integration

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Let customers decide how to pay With over 100+ payment methods, your customer has a range of choices to make. Your customers can pay by any method of their choice.

User friendly

The Graphical User Interface of Kartpay is very user-friendly and easy to use

Complete Control

Control which banks to accept payments from. You can also control which credit cards to accept and which to deny.

Dedicated Merchant Management

Admins in Kartpay Payment Solution can directly manage all the merchants and their details.

Plan Management

You can create, edit, update and manage multiple plans in one place.

Dedicated Refunds Menu

Admins can manage all the refunds and view their status under this menu.

Dedicated Transactions Menu

Kartpay Payment Gateway comes with in-built Bin Master, which gives complete information about the card being used.

Different Menus For Merchants

Merchants will have a different menu for their activities under Merchant Menu, where they can see transactions, refunds, and much more.

Dedicated Dashboard

Merchants can view various transactions as per date range inside the merchant dashboard.

Separate Menu For Refunds

There is a separate menu for refunds where the merchants can see pending as well as successful refunds.

Manage Payment Methods to Accept

With Kartpay Payment Solution, merchants can choose various payment methods to accept payments from by toggling them on or off.

Request To Add Funds

Merchants can also request to add funds in case of refunds of any existing transactions is pending due to non-availability of funds in the merchant accounts. This is useful to keep payment service provider risk free.

Request Payments By Multiple Modes

With Kartpay Payment Gateway, merchants can request payment from their customer by different modes like SMS, Email, QR Code etc. All such transactions can be viewed in a separate dedicated menu.

View History of Bank Transactions

With Kartpay Payment Gateway, the merchants get a dedicated menu for viewing all the transactions, settlements and payments sent to banks. It also displays the history of transactions and calculations made by the payment service provider.

Which Businesses Can Use Our Services?

Online or Offline business! We have a solution for all your payment needs.


With Kartpay Payment Gateway, you can accept payments from all over the world. Enjoy faster checkouts, higher conversions and increase your ROI with Kartpay.


Start accepting online payments within minutes. Kartpay helps you with payments for your Startup by integrating smoothly and quickly with your Website or App.


Kartpay provides complete online payment solutions for Freelancers worldwide. Now you can accept payments from anywhere in the world within minutes.


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises can avail the benefit of lightning-fast payments with Kartpay Payment Solution.

Home Businesses

Start accepting payments online with high security and efficient processing of payments. Kartpay is extremely easy to integrate with websites, apps and also comes with scan-and-pay functionality.

Physical Stores

Physical Store owners can accept online payments with Kartpay by setting up a scan QR code and pay system. With Kartpay, you can start accepting payment by 100+ payment methods.



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